Your wedding colour theme is now in place and you’ve worked with your wedding florist to design the perfect floral arrangements. Now how do you make sure that you choose the the perfect items to compliment your wedding colour palette and floral designs?

With so many different styles and options available it can be tricky to narrow down the precise items you need, but not to fear, as always we are here to help! Read on for some tips that should help you make the right choices and style your wedding tables perfectly for your big day!

1. Your Wedding Venue Matters

It’s so important to consider your wedding venue when thinking of your table layouts. Whilst a barn or country manor may lend itself well to a rustic and natural style, opting for a city warehouse or loft may require a modern wedding theme to set everything off perfectly. If you can’t stick to one style or have a venue that doesn’t fully express the layers of your personality blending themes may be the right option for you. Think Rustic Glamour with a mix of natural pieces and metallic golds or Boho Chic with an eclectic blend of laidback greenery and copper pieces. Whatever your wedding venue choice it’s most important that you stay true to you!

2. Opt for Unique Wedding Table Cloths

Once you have a theme in mind for your wedding tables, a good starting point to consider is your wedding table linens, in particular your wedding table cloths. Wedding table cloths will act as the base of your wedding table design and whilst it’s true that white wedding linens go with any setting you may feel more daring and want to try coloured or patterned wedding tablecloth styles. You can make your linen the star of the show by opting for an interesting texture or sequins. For a vintage wedding you may want to incorporate a lace table cloth to bring together all of the pieces in your overall theme. You may also want to think about added touches like sequinned or patterned wedding table runners on a plain table cloth, this can be a way to add interest in a more subtle way.

3. Don’t Overlook Wedding Table Napkins

It can be so easy to opt for the standard ivory napkins provided by your venue for fear of increasing your ever growing list of decisions to make, but with so many colours and material choices available selecting the right napkins could be the thing that takes your wedding table from suitable to fabulous! For a country wedding theme, try opting for a neutral linen napkin tied with flowers or greenery. For a more traditional wedding a napkin to compliment your colour theme tied with a ribbon or napkin holder may be the perfect item. Also think about how you want your wedding napkins folded. With so many different ways to fold your napkins be sure to think outside the box and don’t limit yourself to a a basic napkin fold only.

4. Think About Your Wedding Place Cards

For very large weddings most brides opt to leave this out altogether but if you are assigning seating have a think about the type of wedding place cards you want. Will you opt for traditional black and white? Will you include full names or first names only? Will you have tags connected to your menus or combine your place settings with your favours? The choices are literally endless!

5. Add Flair With Your Wedding Favours

Similar to place settings, there is an endless list of items that you can use for your wedding favours and being more creative can help to leave a lasting impression with your guests and add some extra charm to your overall wedding table design. If you want to add touches of a particular colour to your table you can use the wedding favours to do so. Favours can be a good way to incorporate stronger wedding colours such as black or deep navy without them being overpowering. Once you’ve decided the colour and style of your wedding favour packaging, think about what you would like to place in them. Why not try some sweet treats or perhaps a candle. Other good items include scented soaps or other skin and beauty products.

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