With so many proposals taking place on Valentine’s Day it’s understandable why more and more couples are taking the oh so romantic route of getting hitched on the anniversary of their Valentine’s Day engagement. Valentine’s Day weddings are becoming increasingly common despite the fact that statistics show couples marrying on this date are 18 to 36% more likely to have their marriages end in divorce. Don’t let this figure deter you however. If you still have your heart set on getting married on Valentine’s Day, you’re in good company. Both actors Vince Vaughn (Wedding Crashers ) and Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock Holmes) chose Valentine’s Day to say ‘I do’ and are currently living happily ever after.

We certainly can’t guarantee the strength and endurance of your marriage if you get married on Valentine’s Day but we can help you make your big day look fabulous! Read on for our 4 classy ways to style your Valentines day nuptials.

1. Be confident with reds and pinks

These colours are synonymous with Valentine’s day and there is temptation to avoid them for fear of being cheesy. We say you incorporate these colours but think about going for a monochrome palette with hints of red or pink as highlights or try a subtle muted blend of burgundy and blush or this season’s hottest shade – nostalgic rose.


2. Try something besides roses

Roses are amazing for a valentines wedding but be creative and mix in anemones, ranunculus or calla lilies for a unique and eye catching look.

3. Create the right ambience

February is the month of lurve so incorporating this into your ceremony and reception is a great idea. Use uplighting and lots of candlelight to create a romantic and warm feel.


4. Share the love with your guests

Be sure to show your guests how special they are on a day focused on love. Handwritten messages in glass bottles at each place setting is a cute and fun favour, or try table numbers that combine details of your love story. Another way to show your guests love is to stock your candy bar and dessert table with love themed treats – love hearts, heart shaped chocolates, chocolate truffles or even mini macaroons are a great way to treat your your guests and share that loving feeling.